Come Learn about Zazzle with Me

Come Learn about Zazzle with Me

Come Learn about Zazzle with Me Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan

Come Learn about Zazzle with Me Copyright Adrienne Z. Milligan

Note: This post contains affiliate links. The affiliate links cost you nothing to click. I am paid a small amount for having the affiliate links in my posts and the widgets on my site. (The Zazzle Associate Widget is on the right sidebar.)

What is Zazzle? is a website where you can go order products in one of two ways. The first way is to order a pre-designed product with an image, text, or both. You add the product to your cart, pay, then Zazzle creates and ships it to you.

The second way is to create your own design on a product. You do this by uploading your own photo or scanned design. You use their creation tool to get it just right on whatever product you selected – like a t-shirt, button, or pillow.  The rest of the process (add to cart, pay, they make it, and ship to you) is the same.

I am brand new to Zazzle. I know a little bit about the site.  Come learn Zazzle with me and let’s get some products added to our Zazzle store inventory!

Be a Zazzle Customer

I first heard about Zazzle in July 2014 from my fellow homeschooler, crafter, and blogger friend, Dianna. I visited her page and loved her creations! Personally, I did not open an account. I did not think I would have anything to sell on it.

I heard about Zazzle again in October 2016, from fellow gluten-free blogger, The Gluten-Free Nerd, Esther. She uses Zazzle to promote her brand. I was intrigued. I had not thought about promoting my book or blog in that way. At the time, I was still looking for a logo for MY brand, so I kept Zazzle on the back burner for awhile.

You can be a Designer (as well as a Customer)

After reading the post, Why You Should Make Money from Your Photography (And How to Actually Do It), by Nikki at MBASAHM (and the Zazzle posts she has written) I decided to – finally – start an account with Zazzle.  I created my account three days ago!

Go to and create an account (if you do not already have one).  If you plan on selling, you can then create a store.

Once you have your store created, you can begin adding products to your “store’s” inventory.

Visit my first store, DesignedByAdrienne, to see what I am talking about here.

Opening a Second, Third, or More Stores

After you open your first store on Zazzle, you can open more stores. Why have more than one? Well, it all depends on you and your desires for selling. Do you want one store where everything is together? Do you have certain types of images (animals, landscapes, and food) that you would rather keep separate?  Either way is fine with Zazzle.

For me, store number two is GlutenFreePreppers so I can continue to build this particular brand of mine. (I do need to add some products!)  ArtByOzias (my son) is my third store to allow Ozias to feature his drawing and photography. A new store – yes store number four – will be coming soon. Yes, you guessed it. It is a store for my oldest son, Kelly. I will be adding a fifth store which will focus on family history. (To learn more about my family history research, please visit my Finding My Twisted Roots blog.) (Once stores four and five are live, I will update accordingly.)

Add a Collection to Your Store(s)

Once you have a Store and a product, you can add a Collection to your store. (You can add the same product to multiple collections. Each collection is able to be seen on as many stores of yours that you select.)

Why have a Collection? Think of it as a specific aisle in a store. All the toys are usually grouped together and the men’s clothing in its own section.

Here are three examples from my own stores.  I have my Pacific Northwest Collection (all photos of the beaches, ocean, and other things specific to the PNW), the “Sharky” Collection (all of the products featuring a hand-drawn shark by my son, Ozias), and the Hand Drawn by Ozias Collection (all of the products that have a hand-drawn piece of art on them drawn by Ozias).

After Creating a Product, Promote It!

One way to promote your own Zazzle products is to place a widget on your blog. (See the right sidebar on this page. My Zazzle widget is supposed to be there. If it is not, please mention in the comments so I can fix it!)  When you use the Zazzle widget, your Associate ID is automatically in the widget code. This will allow you to receive a referral credit for any sales. So, when you click on the widget on the right, I will receive a referral fee plus any royalties when you purchase my products. Zazzle pays the referral fee, not you.

Come Learn about Zazzle with Me – Additional Resources

For specifics, please visit Zazzle. There is a great Help section on their website. They also have a blog which covers many different aspects of Zazzle.

Are you wanting to promote your business?  Check out 5 Ways to Promote Your Business on the Zazzle Blog by Elke Clark. I learned much from this post! I did not know Zazzle offers guest posting on their blog. (That is HUGE for getting FREE exposure for your own Zazzle store!) I learned how to tag Zazzle with the #ZazzleMade on Instagram for a chance to get my product highlighted on Zazzle’s. Did you know you can apply to be a Featured Designer? Elke gives step-by-step instructions and more!

If you like to watch YouTube videos, check out How to Create a Zazzle Blog for Passive Income by Nurturing the Nest Egg. I learned how to promote others’ products (in addition to my own) which helps increase the referral rate Zazzle pays to its Associates.

How to Sell Art on Zazzle is a great tutorial over on the Abundant Artist. I love being able to learn more about Zazzle as I read others’ experiences. Elaine from Zazzle contributed to the post. It was good to hear how a company is being proactive to promote the designers on their website.

(If you have more questions regarding Zazzle and are not able to find the answer on Zazzle’s site, Google it. Zazzle may have the answer on their site. Sometimes links get broken or things get moved which can change search results. You may come across another blogger, Zazzle designer, or forum which can hopefully help you out.)

Two More Zazzle Stores to Check Out

(This is where I promote my friends’ Zazzle pages!)

The Gluten-Free Nerd on Zazzle

Dianna of 304Creations on Zazzle

How will this post, Come Learn about Zazzle with Me, help you in your business or on your blog today?


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